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Ambient & Air Conditional 18-22 ᵒC


Chilled Products: 0 - 7ᵒC & Frozen: - 20ᵒC


The warehouse and logistics team is responsible for managing the storage, movement, and distribution of goods and materials within a company. This team is critical to ensuring that products are delivered to customers on time and in good condition.

There are 21 Box Trucks & Vans and 35 Warehouse & Logistic Personnels that can support warehouse and logistic process run smoothly.

There are ambient 4,000 palettes & Aircon 2,000 palettes which are approximately 9,000 sq meters and chilled 500 palettes & frozen 1,000 palettes which are approximately 5,000 sq meters. We deliver six days a week via our own trucks with a response time of 24 hours for any order in Phnom Penh and 48 hours for orders in other provinces.