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Ambient & Air Conditioning 18-22 ᵒC

23 Box Trucks

Chilled Products: 0-7 ᵒC

Frozen: -20 ᵒC


Our warehouse and logistics team plays a pivotal role in overseeing the storage, transportation, and distribution of goods within our company. With substantial dedicated staff personnel, we ensure the efficient management of our warehouse operations.

Our fleet consists of 23 box trucks and vans, facilitating the seamless transportation of goods to various locations. These vehicles are instrumental in supporting our logistics network, enabling timely deliveries to customers both within Phnom Penh and across other provinces.

Our warehouse boasts substantial storage capacity, with ambient storage accommodating up to 4,000 palettes, air-conditioned storage for 2,000 palettes, chilled storage for 500 palettes, and frozen storage for 1,000 palettes. Spanning approximately 9,000 square meters for ambient and air-conditioned storage, and 5,000 square meters for chilled and frozen storage, our facilities are meticulously organized to ensure efficient handling of goods.

Operating six days a week, we maintain a reliable delivery schedule, with a response time of 24 hours for orders within Phnom Penh and 48 hours for orders in other provinces. This commitment to prompt service underscores our dedication to meeting customer demands effectively.